FlotasNet presents its new value proposition

  • FlotasNet®, the Fleet Management brand of Smart Data Services has presented its new value proposal based on 6 basic principles.

  • A value proposition is a statement that a company uses to explain how its products and services solve the needs of customers, making a definition of the benefit or value it provides and differentiating its own products and services from competitors.

    For FlotasNet® these 6 basic principles of the value proposition, from now on, will be the cornerstones of the brand strategy. Vertical cornerstones are: improvement of productivity and profitability; improvement of safety; improvement of decision making and improvement of service to customers. Transversal cornerstones are: customizable and adaptable solution, accompaniment, service of high value.

  • Improving Productivity and Profitability

    • Effective fuel management
    • Saving time in processes
    • Control of driver behaviour to increase productivity
    • Reduced vehicle operating costs, breakdowns and maintenance
    • Reduced vehicle downtime
    • Control of vehicle use, km and driving times
    • Professional communication with the driver and dispatching of routes
    • Improved job assignment based on driving status


    Improving Security

    • Reduction of incidents and accidents
    • Exhaustive and real time monitoring of the vehicle, the trailer, the driver, the cargo and passengers
    • Assistance in the prevention and management of theft and asset recovery
    • Ensure the safety of the driver and the load
    • Control of the use of the vehicle out of hours and zone not authorized
    • Data Protection and Cybersecurity


    Improving Decision Making

    • Intelligent management of areas and steps by points of interest
    • Quality, ease to use and integrate with other platforms
    • To provide the quality information needed to make the right decisions.
    • External and relevant information such as gas stations, restrictions, traffic status and others
    • Quick and easy visualization through indicator panels and dashboards, adapted to the different user profiles
    • Indicators of asset use and worker activity
    • Real-time or scheduled reports with automatic delivery
    • Multiple control possibilities in geographical areas.


    Improving Service to Your Customers

    • Increase the reliability of the fleet and service
    • Real-time cargo vision and traceability and more reliable delivery times
    • Possibility of making decisions in real time in the event of incidents or delays in transport
    • Accessible information for your clients´ computer systems
    • Visibility or sending valuable information to your customers
    • Regulatory compliance


    Customizable and Adaptable Solution

    Customization of the solution:

    • Solution adapted to your specific needs and challenges
    • Great capacity of personalization, your POI, your alarms, warnings, reports, etc.
    • Wide variety of platforms, technologies and sensors

    Global adaptable solution:

    • Customizable alarms and warnings according to the activity of each client
    • Scalable solution: increases functionality as your management needs grow
    • A single platform, for the management of all brands and types of vehicles


    Continuous accompaniment and high value service

    Continuous accompaniment throughout the process:

    • Strategic partner for the development of the business with the objective of continuous improvement
    • Solvent team with large experience and technical and market knowledge
    • You will have a specialized manager who will accompany you in the implementation of key actions and digitalization of processes to improve your productivity.
    • Continuous and remote support and updating of the systems

    High value service:

    • Specialized support throughout the life of the project
    • We are a leading company in the sector, belonging to a large group with global presence
    • Personalized customer experience
    • Working methodology from the experience of 20 years in the sector
    • Extended customer support

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