The new version of FlotasNet Mobile is here!!

  • As we announced previously, we have here the new version of FlotasNet Mobile, with new features to make fleet management as easy and comfortable as possible for our customers.

  • As promised, and as we told you, the new version of FlotasNet Mobile was not going to take long to be released, and so it has been. This new version has a lot of new features that will make the management and control of your fleets much easier and more manageable. If you want to know what these new features are about, read on to find out more about them. We want to provide users with a better experience, and we hope you find them very useful.

    The vehicle activity report is where we can find most of the changes, as this report is very useful for the management of vehicles by companies. Among the changes, we can highlight as a summary:

    • To make it easier to view vehicle activity, positions are now grouped into drop-down zones.
    • The route travelled by the vehicle is plotted in real time.
    • Complete routes from previous days are plotted, with zoom-out effect between transitions.
    • As for temperature monitoring, a switch shall be displayed in the activity report of a vehicle. This switch allows you to change from the route view to the temperature view and vice versa, allowing you to consult the history of the vehicle´s sensors, temperature, doors, compressor, etc. A shortcut to this functionality has also been included in the vehicle detail screen.

    Moreover, the application has redesigned the login screen, making it much more visual and attractive to the user. Furthermore, in addition to this aesthetic change, the "remember user" option and the legal terms have also been included, in order to comply with the European data protection regulation.

    Our product and innovation department is still working hard to launch a new version in a few months that will improve the user experience even more, because for Smart Data Services our clients are at the center of our work and we try to anticipate their demands and needs. The new version will be launched in June, so we encourage you to keep an eye on our social media, as that is where we will be announcing it.

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