Welcome Transportes Tomás Fernández Díaz e Hijos S.L.

  • We are pleased to welcome Transportes Tomás Fernández Díaz e Hijos S.L, who decided to trust Smart Data Services and FlotasNet® to improve their productivity and service.

  • The company was founded in 1940 by Tomás Fernández Corral. Throughout the years his sons took over the company making it grow in this very competitive world. Today, the third generation has taken over, trying to follow the same philosophy, but implementing new logistics systems such as storage and distribution and transportation of fractional loads.


    Currently the company has 11 trucks, 15 semi-trailers and 3 food tanks.

    They are dedicated to the national and international transport of goods in general, although they specialize in the transport of packaged olives and olives in bulk in their tanks equipped with specific pumps for this purpose.

    They also have warehouses of 2,000 m2 for the storage of goods.


    We are delighted that they have trusted in us and Smart Data Services and FlotasNet help them to continue growing and optimising their resources.

Doubts and questions

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