Last June we visited the facilities of our client Ausolan. There, we met with the team and were able to see first-hand what their day-to-day work is like in the company and learn about their experience with our FlotasNet solution. 

    Ausolan was founded in 1969 by a group of 17 women and the priest José María Arizmendiarreta, founder of the Mondragón Group, who opted to go out into the world of work, being able to combine their work and family life, thus creating Ausolan, dedicated to the catering of workers and the cleaning of facilities. 

    Today, Ausolan is a cooperative which has equality as one of its fundamental values and works under the motto "one person, one vote". Moreover, it has a young and qualified team, with an average of 13,000 workers, of which nearly 95% are women. 

    Ausolan´s strategy has been based on sustainable and deep-rooted growth. Today they have facilities throughout Spain, with 17 offices and 16 kitchens, making them one of the top three catering companies in Spain. 

    The services offered by Ausolan include: 

    • Business, school, hospital and residential catering. They prepare safe, healthy, wholesome, balanced and varied menus, adapting to the needs of their clients. 
    • Integral cleaning solutions of the highest quality. They offer personalised cleaning services, with demanding teams and highly qualified professionals in order to meet the different needs of their clients. 
    • Gourmet catering, for each client, according to their tastes. They create a personalised catering for each client, offering a different gastronomic experience for each client. 
    • Event staff. Specialised in 360º communication, live and direct, with a worldwide scope of action, creating unique experiences for their clients. 

    Ausolan has been relying on FlotasNet as its fleet manager since 2010. We would like to thank them on behalf of the entire Smart Data Services team for their trust. We hope that this relationship will last over time. Together we will go further and better. 

  • Thanks to FlotasNet we can track the location of our entire fleet and the temperature at which we transport our refrigerated menus. It also helps us to adjust our invoicing as we can calculate the kilometres travelled on each transport route.

    Miren Jauregi, Manager of Production and President of Ausolan

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