Execsistemas S.A. is the official distributor of Smart Data Services in Ecuador

  • Execsistemas S.A. and Fagor Electrónica Smart Data Services announce that they have signed a cooperation agreement. Now the region has access to the full range of Smart Data Servicies solutions, thanks to our Ecuadorian partners Execsistemas S.A.

  • Execsistemas S.A. is a company with more than 28 years of experience and its mission is to provide electronic systems that offer agility and efficiency to organizations. The main areas of work of the company are: electronic security, integrated communications and networks, software development and electrical installations. They offer the best intelligent electronic systems for banks, hospitals, ports, airports, industrial plants, premises, shopping centers, administrative buildings and others. They design, implement and manage network and integrated communications environments, enabling businesses to improve their productivity. Its main clients include companies such as IBM, Coca-Cola, DHL and Movistar.

    Execsistemas S.A. has entered the field of electronics and communications to search for and create innovative systems that optimize business. Fagor Smart Data Services solutions are created with the same intention: to optimize the operation of our customers´ businesses. Furthermore, at Fagor Electrónica we are concerned about meeting our customers´ requirements in order to creating value for them, maintaining a high commitment to satisfying their needs and constantly adapting to market changes and the specific needs of each customer.

    By uniting the values and goals of both companies, we are confident of our successful long-term cooperation.

    Together we go further and better.

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