Interview to Rebeca Bárcena

  • We are going to interview our colleague Rebeca Bárcena, technical programmer, to know her a little better and to tell us about his experience in the company.

    1. For those who do not know you, how would you describe yourself?

    I would define myself as very hard-working and constant person, as well as passionate about what I like. Every time a new challenge comes up, I put all my senses to achieve it.


    1. Could you give us an overview of your business career from the beginning to nowadays? 

    Before entering Fagor, I was working in two companies, where I gained technical knowledge, but what I was looking for was a company that would allow me to take roots and where I would have constant challenges, a place where I would see myself in a few years. I entered in Fagor in 2018, when I was finishing my master’s, as a software developer, having the good fortune to see the birth of a new project and to be a part of it from the beginning. As one of my concerns was to also grow in direct contact with the client, my work has been divided between the technical area and the customer.

    Thanks to the opportunities that have come up in this new project, I have had to face countless challenges and cutting-edge technologies, always leaving with new knowledges and personal growth, especially thanks to the team I am surrounded by.  For me this project has become my son, something I have seen born and matured, in which we work every day with love, and which I know will go far. I have had the good fortune of having colleagues who have had years and years of experience behind them, which have allowed me to grow not only in the technical area.

    Here, in short, there is no time to get bored or a ceiling to reach, as there are always task and challenges to be tackled.


    1. What is your biggest achievement in the position you hold?

    Several come to my mind, because there have been moments of great challenges, which with effort and companionship we have managed to get ahead. However, I am left with the one of having formed a real team, where you can breathe positivism, laughs every day and from which I learn day by day.


    1. How is the working environment with your colleagues in the company?

    This is one of the things I like the most. The company is formed of young people, so we have a lot of hobbies and interest in common. There is always someone who wants to make some plans, have a drink or organize a meal. In the office, people are always willing to give you a hand in any way they can. For me this is a must, as it makes it easier to go to work with a smile and makes you feel like you are part of the family.


    1. What do you like to do in your free time?

     I love playing sports. I combine the gym with martial arts after work, and I do some routes in summer, but lately I have replaced the gym with climbing. I also love enjoying a good book or relaxing watching series and movies. Since I joined Fagor I always have a long list of films to watch, as I have partners with exquisite taste in cinema. And as a good freak, I like to collect things related with my favorite sagas, being my weakness some big-headed dolls that do not fit me at home anymore, the Funko Pop.

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