Logistics & Technology Event - LYT21

  • On 29th of September at 10:00, LYT21, the online event on logistics and technology organized by ChainGo, will be held, and Fagor Smart Data Services will be a sponsor of the event.

  • After the success of the first edition, with more than 1,000 registered companies and more than 500 attendees, ChainGo has decided to undertake this second edition where they expect to have even better results. 

    LYT21 is an online event promoted by ChainGO Tech, where the speakers from large companies, startups and institutions show how they apply the most disruptive technologies to different logistics processes. It is the meeting point between the leading companies in the logistics industry and the new technologies that are already revolutionizing this sector.

    In this second edition, the event´s mission is to accelerate the process of digital transformation in the logistics industry in order to achieve more efficient supply chains. It could make the difference between surviving or not in the logistics industry of the future. Future is already here.

    The event will have 3 round tables: Blockchain applied to logistics; IoT applied to logistics; and Artificial Intelligence applied to logistics. Each table will consist of 1 moderator and 4 speakers who will briefly present a case study, explaining how they apply their technology to a specific logistics process. Our product manager Manuel Balderrábano will participate in the IoT table, where he will present the case study about our company. Once each speaker finished their presentations, it will be an open discussion between the different profiles at the table.

    From Fagor Electrónica Smart Data Services, we are delighted to be able to participate in this event and we are confident in its success.

    Attendance at the event is completely free. If you want to attend, please click on the link and do not hesitate to register. We are waiting for you!


Doubts and questions

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