Smart Data Services, attends the presentation of the first Duo Trailer of our client XPO Logistics

  • We attended the XPO Partner Day with our customer XPO Logistics where they presented their first Duo Trailer.

  • XPO Logistics, provider of transport and logistics services, presented last January 23rd at Madrid´s Circuito del Jarama his first Duo-Trailer. It is a pilot project that will allow to verify if this can be a new solution for the transport of big volumes, as Massimo Marsili said, general manager of the company for Iberia and Morocco.

    The duo trailer consists of a combination of two semi-trailers in a single tractor head, with a total length of 31.75 meters, 70 tons and 46.6 net load, which will increase the capacity of road transport and also reduce CO2 emissions. XPO´s commitment to this type of project is related to the innovative strategy of the transport and logistics company and its responsibility to reduce emissions.

    Now a period of one year is opened, where the important thing will be an exhaustive collection of data that later can be analyzed and accumulate a casuistry as varied as possible in terms of loads, weights, volumes, typology of commodities, sectors, etc. In addition XPO will be able to compare the same route between its two platforms in Madrid and Barcelona that it already covers with conventional trucks and megatrucks, which will enrich the project.

    The event was attended by our colleagues Marcos Sánchez, Business Director, Ignacio Díez, Key Account Sales Manager and Rubén Martín, Sales Director. This last one was in charge of making a speech in the event where he explained the project we have with XPO as well as the reasons why companies trust in our Fleet Management System, FlotasNet.   

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