Smart Data Services Opens New Offices

  • At Smart Data Services we are opening and we really wanted to show you what our new office is like. The reason for the change is a consequence of the growth the company is experiencing, thus beginning an exciting new stage in which we have the appropriate facilities to successfully face the opportunities and challenges of the future.

  • Throughout all our years of activity, we have always wanted to remain updated and aligned with the needs of our customers. These needs have not always been the same, because many of the companies that have used our services have expanded their fleet, their services, their routes... in short, they have grown at the same time as we have grown with them.

    The constant growth and the effort for innovation that characterizes us has made that, since the initial staff as also the large amount of incorporations that we have done in our staff, needed a new working space. The renovation of our offices in Santander has been focused on creating a common central space, where we can share and exchange information more quickly and directly, making all the operations that integrate various departments faster.

    On the other hand, several meeting rooms of different capacities were created, all of them equipped with the necessary technology to hold videoconferences with our customers and suppliers who are geographically far away, trying to provide the closeness that has always characterised us. New rest and leisure areas have also been created in which people who come to the office every day can share moments of relaxation in which the professional and the personal are mixed, giving us much more productive synergies.

    Bearing in mind these great changes that we are making, we wanted to have the participation of the managers of each work area, who have analysed the progress that we have made over the years. In addition to this, they have contributed their professional impressions on the challenges we face in the new social and business times due to external market changes and our own adaptation to new situations.

Doubts and questions

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