SmartData Car®, the Business Intelligence Platform for maximizing your business

  • Our SmartData Car® platform is a Business Intelligence platform that allows to maximize the business of OEMs, body builders, rental/leasing companies... increasing the sale of vehicles, spare parts and services and offering a differential positioning.

  • SmartData Car® is the platform for connected vehicles, which offers a portfolio of services that are built on vehicle connectivity. All this, guaranteeing the return of the investment of our clients and offering an end to end solution. The services of the SmartDataCar® platform can be adapted based on the specific needs of the client, its challenges and its strategic objectives.

    SmartDataCar® does not just provide data. The SmartDataCar® offer consists of high-value services based on the data obtained from the vehicle connectivity and the specific needs of the customer

    - Connected Vehicle: SmartData Car® allows to build around the connectivity of the vehicle a wide range of services, from its location, driving habits, alarms, etc.

    - Real-time information: Through this platform, OEMs, body builders, rental companies... can access real-time information on the connected vehicle at all times.

    - Increases loyalty: SmartDataCar® serves the customer as a commercial tool to increase sales and increase loyalty over time. Closer relationships and a more complete service experience are established around the connected vehicle.

    - Maintenance: SmartData Car® allows you to optimize the maintenance service, detect future problems, schedule appointments with the workshop, provide remote assistance, manage resources, services and consumables, in short, an endless number of actions related to the maintenance of the connected vehicle... 

    - Improved after-sales revenue: All these actions in the connected vehicles allows customers to maximize after-sales revenue, improving efficiency, quality of service, generating high value-added services.

    SmartDataCar® has the capacity to develop turnkey projects adapted to each client.

Doubts and questions

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