Welcome Bodegas Javier

  • We are delighted to welcome Bodegas Javier who trusted Smart Data Services and FlotasNet® to make their business more profitable and more competitive in the market.

  • Wineries Javier is a family business since 1970 dedicated to the distribution of wines and liquors. They are specialists in wines with Denomination of Origin and they have expanded their catalogue by incorporating beers, waters, spiritual drinks, champagnes, premium soft drinks, mixer and cocktails during last years. Since 1988 they are located in Mercazaragoza, from where daily they offer personalized service to hotels, restaurants, coffees and pubs in Zaragoza and province.

    We are delighted that they trust Smart Data Services and FlotasNet®, and that we are helping them to continue growing up and to optimize their resources. Together we will go further and better.


Doubts and questions

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