Welcome Grupo Amygo

  • We are delighted to welcome Grupo Amygo who have chosen to rely on Smart Data Services and FlotasNet® to make their business more profitable and more competitive in the market.

  • Grupo Amygo is the first Spanish group specialized in International and National removals with coverage in the 5 continents, formed by companies of recognized prestige and seriousness able to offer a very high-quality service.

    On February 28th 1998, the representatives of 6 moving companies from different places in Spain, met in a notary´s office in Madrid to materialize a project, which was the result of many meetings and on which they had been working for months: the constitution of Grupo Amygo.

    Grupo Amygo´s success is due to the possibility of offering all its customers a comprehensive service anywhere in Spain thanks to an extensive network of branches, equipped with the most modern facilities and the best human and material resources, as well as a wide and regular frequency of routes through the main European countries, where it has the close collaboration of the most important groups in the sector in Europe.

    Grupo Amygo has the most modern network of branches equipped with the most up-to-date technology in the sector and the best human and material resources. They continue to grow in means and technology, with important projects to expand their operating centers, strengthen their commercial work and provide the company with technological means, which provide information to their customers and help them in their management.

    The company currently has 450 professionals, 130 specialized vehicles and 23 offices in Spain.

    We are delighted that they trust Smart Data Services and FlotasNet® and help them continue to grow and optimize their resources. Together we will go further and better.

Doubts and questions

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