Welcome JV Elevación

  • We are delighted to welcome JV ELEVACIÓN, they have chosen Smart Data Services and our FlotasNet® solution for their business.

  • JV ELEVACIÓN are professionals with more than 25 years of experience in internal logistics solutions. They are distributors of UNICARRIERS (former NISSAN FORKLIFT), leader in the forklift sector. The servicies they provide include:

    - Technical Service. They guarantee a reliable, safe and fast service.

    - Rental service. They have a large stock of pre-owned and reconditioned forklifts of the latest generation and technology, fully checked and with an extensive guarantee.

    In addition, the diagnosis system guarantees quick localization of faults and original spare parts guarantee the correct repair. The workshop is equipped with everything necessary to carry out all repairs, maintenance and revisions for the machinery, whether owned or rented there.

    JV ELEVACIÓN knows that regular maintenance of machinery can significantly reduce repair costs, and by managing and monitoring its fleet productivity and profitability can be increased. In that respect, Smart Data Services with FlotasNet will help JV ELEVACIÓN to be more efficient and secure.

    All our projects are coordinated by experts and the approach of these projects is oriented to a win-win, where the collaboration and synergies that arise between both parties, must allow them to grow and evolve together.

    Thank you very much for your trust. Together we will go further and better.



Doubts and questions

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