Welcome Szendex

  • We are delighted to welcome Szendex, who wanted to trust in Smart Data Services and FlotasNet® to make their business more profitable and more competitive in the market.

  • Szendex is a company with more than 40 years of experience dedicated to urgent transport and logistics, both nationally and internationally. They have various services, such as:

    • Courier/Urgent transport: specialists in urgent transport and courier, whether direct transport, island, suitcase, 24h, 48h, etc....
    • Logistics: they offer their customers cost reduction, service quality improvement and productivity increase.
    • Sanitary: shipments of sanitary material, guaranteeing the perfect conservation of the same thanks to its intelligent refrigerator
    • Retail: services for the placement of material in stores, pick up in your local or international warehouse, management of returns and stock between stores, deliveries in department stores and B2C (Business-to-consumer), among others.
    • Night: local, national and international night transport, by land, sea and air, and complete tracking.
    • E-commerce: delivery the day after the purchase is collected through the Internet (24/48h), with the support of customer service personnel for the management of the order.

    We are delighted that they trust Smart Data Services and FlotasNet®, and that we can help them continue to grow and optimize their resources. Together we will go further and better.


Doubts and questions

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