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  • Corporate videos

    Corporate Video

    We are part of Fagor Electrónica, a company integrated in the Mondragon group, the first business group in the Basque Country and the largest cooperative group in the world.

    Value Proposition Video

    Want to know what our differential value is? Let’s see it! We offer a scalable product in which you can advance in features according to your need at all times. From our Lite version, to the Expert version.

    Fleet Management Systems

    Fleet location and management systems are of great importance both for management and for increasing their efficiency by reducing logistics and transport costs. Our commitment is to allow you to minimise the expenses of your business fleet by 20%.

    The Mondragon Corporation

    We are part of Mondragon Corporation

    FlotasNet – Committed to the environment

    Our platform analyses our drivers’ performance, enabling their improvement and providing a reduction in consumption, as well as in the emission of gases.

    FlotasNet – Monitoring, proximity and flexibility

    These are three of our main values ​that highlight our customers and success stories.

    Flotasnet – For sustainable mobility

    With FlotasNet, we are highly aware of the need to take care of the environment. That is why we believe in sustainable mobility. We offer driving reports for more efficient driving reducing consumption, emissions, costs, etc.

    Ubika, the new logistics platform concept

    Ubika connects the information systems of all agents in the supply chain.

  • Tutorial videos

    "My Platform" tutorial

    Welcome to FlotasNet, our solution for mobility management. In this tutorial, we will show you the main functions offered by our application. Through a simple tutorial, you will easily learn its handling. FlotasNet, our solution for mobility management.

    "Dashboard" tutorial

    Welcome to FlotasNet. In this video we will talk about the dashboard. Come and discover how simple it is to handle it.

    "Map" Tutorial

    In this video, we will see our map module, a tool that allows us to view the location of our vehicles.

    "Geographical Points and Geofence" tutorial

    In this video, we are going to see Zone Management, how to create geographical points and geofences and the usefulness of it in each of the reports.

    “Activity and route report” tutorial

    In this video, we talk about our activity and route reports. These are very useful reports, which provide the information of the activity of the vehicle in a given period.

    “Video reporting and advanced video” tutorial

    In this video, we are going to talk about advanced video and video reporting. In these reports, we will see how a video processes the activity of our vehicle on certain dates.

  • Testimonial videos

    FlotasNet will be implemented in 2,000 buses in the city of Lima, Peru

    This innovative technological system will renew the public transport of the Peruvian capital, with about 7,000 (2,000 in the first phase) buses distributed across more than 50 lines throughout Lima observed from a monitoring centre for passenger safety.

    We have developed the FlotasApp tool

    In collaboration with the Stirling Centre, we have developed the FlotasApp tool, which allows remote assistance to the fleet of our customers, being equipped with FlotasNet OnRoute, to offer them a better service

    Ubika presentation at the Logistics Madrid Show 2019

    Fagor Smart Data presents its Ubika product at the Logistics Madrid show… Would you like to know more?

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