What makes us different?

We live each project as if it were unique

We are a close and committed company. We get involved with all our clients, whether large or small, because customer orientation is in our DNA.

At Fagor Electrónica, we are concerned with meeting the requirements of our customers, in order to create value, maintain a high commitment to meet their needs, and constantly adapt to market changes and the specific needs of each client.

Thus way, the company undertakes a set of actions aimed at identifying the perceptions, needs and desires of customers and satisfying them, for which Fagor Electrónica, has achieved a total involvement of its staff towards its customers.

Each of our projects is coordinated by experts in the field, who have the support of a work team, where there are members of different types specialising in specific areas. The projects follow a win-win approach, where the collaboration and synergies that arise between both parties must allow them to grow and evolve together – that is our philosophy. These are some of the premises that make FAGOR ELECTRÓNICA a company different from the others:

  • Monitoring, closeness and flexibility

    Monitoring, closeness and flexibility

    These are three of our main values ​that highlight our customers and success stories.

  • Fagor guarantee

    Fagor guarantee

    Our technical and financial solvency is backed by 50 years of experience in the technology sector.

  • Customer focus

    Customer focus

    Our relationship with customers is based on transparency, adaptation and ethical relationships, placing the customer at the centre of our work.

  • Automated management system

    Automated management system

    Through unassisted reports and notifications with the information you need.

  • Continuous driver communication

    Continuous driver communication

    Professional, intuitive and user-friendly platform for 360 communication with the driver.

  • On-board/mobile solution

    On-board/mobile solution

    Installed solution or portable solution? In each project, we design the solution that best suits the needs of our customer.

  • Specialisation and project management

    Specialisation and project management

    We are technologists and professionals in the sector, focusing projects with a rigorous management methodology.

  • Technological innovation

    Technological innovation

    A system in continuous process of innovation and continuous improvement.

  • Platform integration

    Platform integration

    Our solutions can be integrated with other platforms, systems and programs used by our customers.

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