What makes us different?

We live each project as if it were unique. We are a close and committed company. We get involved with all our clients, whether large or small, because customer orientation is in our DNA.

At Fagor Electrónica, we are concerned with meeting the requirements of our customers, in order to create value, maintain a high commitment to meet their needs, and constantly adapt to market changes and the specific needs of each client.

Thus way, the company undertakes a set of actions aimed at identifying the perceptions, needs and desires of customers and satisfying them, for which Fagor Electronica has achieved a total involvement of its staff towards its customers.

Each of our projects is coordinated by experts in the field, who have the support of a work team, where there are members of different types specialising in specific areas. The projects follow a win-win approach, where the collaboration and synergies that arise between both parties must allow them to grow and evolve together – that is our philosophy. These are some of the premises that make FAGOR ELECTRÓNICA a company different from the others:

Continuous accompaniment and high-value service

Strategic ally for business development with the objective of continuous improvement.

Solvent team with extensive experience and technical and market knowledge.

Support and continuous and remote updating of systems.

You will have a specialized manager who will accompany you in the implementation of key actions and digitization of processes to improve your performance.

Fagor guarantee / 25 years of experience in the sector

Specialist supplier with 25 years in the sector, with proven success stories in the different verticals of the supply chain

Work methodology from the experience of 25 years in the sector

Glocal company

We think global and act local.

Our relationship with clients is based on transparency, adaptation and an ethical relationship, placing the client at the center of our work.

Customer service with extended hours.

Personalized customer experience.

Sustainable company

Green solutions focused on reducing control and polluting emissions. Sustainability.

Solutions prepared for the management of vehicles with different propulsion technologies (electric, hybrid, gas, etc.)

Competitive and easy-to-implement solutions

Three competitive and clearly differentiated solutions (FlotasNet, Ubika and SmartData Car).

Solutions focused on different users, easy to use, with processed, unattended and predictive information.

Solution-oriented mindset

Solutions that seek to obtain and exploit useful data.

Open/adaptable solutions that can be connected to external hardware and software systems.

Customizable and adaptable solutions

Solutions adapted to the needs and specific challenges of the client.

Each client and each project is unique.

Great customization capacity of each of the solutions.

Financial capability

Financial flexibility for the provision of the service, different models that adapt to the financial capacities of the client (rental, purchase-sale).

Financially healthy company.

Experts in the traceability of physical and logical assets

Exploitation of asset data (physical and logical) to generate valuable information for our clients.

Do you want to know more about our products?

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Do you want to know more about our products?

Fill in the following form and we will inform you as soon as possible