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More than 50 years driven by our innovative concern

Fagor Electrónica

For 20 years, Fagor Electrónica has been committed to solutions that focus on vehicle, transport and logistics improvement

Fagor Electrónica is a company in the manufacture and sale of electronic components,as well as the development and marketing of advanced technological solutions, having been in the market for over 50 years. It is part of Mondragon Corporation, a business group consisting of autonomous and independent cooperatives, with production subsidiaries and corporate delegations in 41 countries, as well as sales in more than 150 countries.

A group formed by more than 85,000 working partners, which practices innovation, drives internationalisation and believes in the commitment of people to achieve maximum efficiency. A solid support all all levels, including finance, industry and distribution, with a call for global leadership.

The University of Cantabria campus has been home for 20 years now to a business division of Fagor Electrónica called Smart Data Services, which offers transport and logistics management software solutions. It has a large number of clients in Spain and Latin America and a young solvent team of around 50 professionals, from the telecommunications and information technology sector and with technical and market knowledge.

Fagor Electrónica and Smart Data Services are a strategic partner for their clients, offering different transport management software solutions to make their business profitable and help them increase competitiveness. To do this, they are based on the most advanced telematics tools on the market, fully implemented, based on the present and future needs of your business.

At Fagor Electrónica and Smart Data Services we like to walk alongside customers, accompany them in their day-to-day activities, understand them and provide them with a customized transport management software solution, to increase operational efficiency, make the business profitable and ultimately be more competitive. Together we go better and further.

In addition, at Fagor Smart Data, we are a glocal company because we think globally and act locally, with a direct presence in two countries such as Colombia and Chile, which means an increase in the commitment and commitment we make to these two countries. as strategic markets. Markets in which we want to position ourselves as a benchmark solution for transport companies at the forefront of technology.

What makes us different? At Fagor Electrónica, we are concerned with meeting the requirements of our customers with the aim of creating value…

We are a young team of more than 50 professionals willing to find the best solution for your business…



At Fagor Electrónica, we have a long history and experience in working on custom projects under the turnkey concept…


We are at your disposal.





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Do you want to know more about our products?

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