SmartData Car ®

Platform for connected cars.

The perfect platform for car manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, dealers, leasing companies, maintenance .... in short, for all those who want to manage connected car data. This data is collected telematically on the platform, providing the user with information through online portals, apps or easy-to-use interfaces (APIs) that can be integrated into other systems.

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SmartData Car

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Business Intelligence platform to maximize your business

SmartData Car® is a Business Intelligence platform that maximizes the business of OEMs, body shops, rental/leasing companies… increasing the sale of vehicles, spare parts and services and offering a differential positioning.

The complexity of the market requires different and increasingly sophisticated solutions for OEMs, bodybuilders, rental/leasing companies …

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How can I increase sales (vehicle and after-sales) based on vehicle, customer and market knowledge?

How can I differentiate my product through high-value services in a complex and competitive environment?

SmartData Car®, the platform for connected cars, offers you a portfolio of services that build on vehicle connectivity thanks to the telematics system. All this, guaranteeing the return on investment of our customers and offering an end to end solution.


SmartData Car allows you to know your target audience, anticipate your customers’ fleet renewal and perfectly segment your customer base.


Thanks to this platform you will be able to give a better service to the final customer as well as improve the productivity of your after-sales. Increases loyalty by up to 15%.


SmartData Car allows you to know the use of your vehicles, keep maintenance up to date, ensure the correct use of the unit and identify possible failures.


SmartData Car allows you to offer added values that differentiate you from the competition. Driving qualification, personalized app, predictive service… these are just some of the values you can offer.


You will have a tailor-made solution, a team dedicated to the project and a great capacity for adaptation. We turn our solution into your solution for your brand to gain strength.

SmartData Car ® allows you to differentiate your product through high value services for telematics connected cars in a complex and competitive environment.

SmartData Car ® platforms

Presales optimization

  • We provide you with reports on mobility and use of your customers’ vehicles.
  • We customize these reports so that you can segment your customer portfolio.
  • We customize these reports so that you can segment your customer portfolio.
  • You will be able to know your customer better and anticipate their fleet renewal.
  • In addition, the tool will provide you with a multitude of data that will allow you to be more effective and increase your sales.

Presales optimization

Improved end customer service

  • Anticipate your customers’ needs
  • Heat map of your customers to see where they need more attention
  • Personalized and agile customer serviceAccessible platform for customers
  • Personalized APP for customers and drivers
  • Mejora del servicio al cliente final


  • Automated maintenance management
  • Sale of added services
  • Stock forecast
  • Fault detection
  • Improved end customer service
  • Improve your loyalty ratios by up to 15%.

Optimization of vehicle performance and service life

Monitoring of compliance with the maintenance services program in time and/or mileage.

Direct contact for recall campaigns

Monitoring of the correct use of the unit (Load capacity)

Monitoring of the correct application of gear shifts

Identify alterations and/or modifications to the unit

Optimización del rendimiento y la vida útil del vehículo

  • Offer added values that differentiate you from the competition.
  • Driving qualification
  • APP personalizada para clientes y conductores
  • Predictive care service
  • Displays an avant-garde and innovative image
  • Product differentiation with added functionality wins over the competition for those hesitant pre-sales customers.

Technological partner to offer you a unique solution, for you, private label

  • White Label
  • Dedicated project team
  • Customized/tailored solution
  • Adaptation of the solution to your needs
  • Integrations with the company’s systems (ERP’s, CRM…)

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