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Subocol Optimises its Fleet Management with FlotasNet

At Fagor Electrónica Smart Data Services, we are delighted to share a new success story from one of our most outstanding customers: Subocol. Esta empresa colombiana, con más de 29 años de experiencia en la gestión de siniestros de movilidad para aseguradoras, ha mejorado significativamente sus operaciones con nuestra solución de gestión de flotas, FlotasNet.

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Successful Implementation of FlotasNet with Grupo Interaseo Colombia

Recently, we had the privilege of visiting Grupo Interaseo’s facilities in Medellin, Colombia, where we were able to immerse ourselves in the day-to-day operations of this prominent company that leads the country’s utilities sector. During our visit, we explored first-hand how our fleet management solution, FlotasNet, is transforming their operations.

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Fleet Management Success: Transportes Volmot and FlotasNet

In an outstanding collaboration between Fagor Electrónica and Transportes Volmot, there has been a notable success story in the implementation of FlotasNet, the advanced fleet management solution. Transportes Volmot, a leading company in the distribution and transport of motorbikes in Colombia, has significantly optimised its operations since the integration of this innovative platform.

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Successful Implementation of FlotasNet in the company Procopal in Colombia

Fagor Electrónica has worked closely with Procopal, a leading Colombian company with more than 55 years of experience in the production and exploitation of asphalt mixtures and stone materials for infrastructures. This collaboration has resulted in the successful implementation of FlotasNet, Fagor’s fleet management solution, which has significantly transformed Procopal’s operations.

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Servitrucks become our referrers.

We are happy to announce that the latest version of FlotasNet® Mobile is now available for download on Play Store. This update brings a number of features that will significantly improve our users’ experience

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Successful Case Transportes Zumalabe

Transportes Zumalabe, a prominent freight transportation company, and Smart Data Services, a leader in fleet management solutions, have joined forces in a successful collaboration that has revolutionized fleet management.

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Ubika, a platform for the transformation towards Logistics 4.0. Thanks to Fagor Electrónica and its Ubika platform, we can make it easier for companies to transition to Logistics 4.0

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With this contract, Fagor Electrónica will contribute with its technology to monitor and analyse the behaviour of the company’s vehicles and increase the level of safety of its drivers at the wheel.

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Hino Connect

Fagor Smart Data Services has been working with Hino in Colombia for more than 8 years, providing technological tools for managing the fleets of some of its customers

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“With this project, we have made a qualitative and quantitative leap in improving the internal efficiency of our fleet that brings better service to our users.”


“We chose FlotasNet because of their extensive experience in the industry and their savings-oriented approach. They have provided us with a unique tool on the market that allows us to evaluate the work done, maximize the productivity of our fleet and reduce our costs as much as possible.”

SJL Group

SJL-Group trusts in the solutions provided by Fagor Electrónica, professionals that adapt perfectly to your needs, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector.

Security and surveillance Cayón

“Flotasnet has allowed us to optimize our surveillance and asset protection services, as well as the transportation and distribution of explosives.”

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