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Accident reconstruction

We present our accident reconstruction module that allows you to capture all possible information immediately prior to an accident.

If you work in the world of logistics and transport, you know perfectly well that traffic accidents are practically unavoidable and that several cases can arise throughout the activity of a company in that sector.

That is why at Fagor Electrónica – Smart Data Services, we have developed an accident reconstruction module to capture all possible information immediately prior to an accident.

How does this work? We placed a device in the vehicles that is in charge of storing information related to speed, position, revolutions per minute and use of the pedals, acceleration and braking to know the driver´s reaction. When it detects that there has been a sudden change in acceleration, the device sends the information of the last 20 seconds prior to the accident to our FlotasNet® platform.

This way you can analyze what happened in that accident and take preventive measures to avoid future accidents or use this data for the convenience of the company.

In Fagor Electrónica – Smart Data Services and in FlotasNet® we care about the security of our customers, that´s why we keep improving our platform day to day, in order to improve the operation of the companies and thus achieve success and greater efficiency. BETTER TOGETHER.

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