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Advantages of Electric Vehicles for the fleet

For some years now there has been an evident reality with the incorporation of electric vehicles

For some years now there has been an evident reality, and that is that the automobile fleet is changing in a notorious way, especially due to the incorporation of electric vehicles. It is evident that most car manufacturers are incorporating electric vehicles into their range, aligning their strategies with what is considered one of the most sustainable alternatives.

However, not many people know the real advantages of an electric car compared to a combustion car, when we are possibly talking about the future being the electric car. Automotive companies are making significant technological advances to increase the penetration of the electric car among the public. 


Electric vehicle fleet management

The lack of knowledge that may exist at a general level is not at all the case in sectors where the management of a fleet of vehicles is at the core of their activity. Companies in the transport, distribution and other sectors with personnel who need to travel to carry out their work have for some time now been incorporating electric vehicles of different capacities and sizes into their fleets to replace traditional diesel combustion vehicles.

In addition, the incorporation of electric cars to company fleets is incorporating new fleet management systems. These platforms are accessible from any device and through them, it is possible to connect with the vehicle, accessing the data of the activity that the electric car is performing.


Connected electric vehicles.

The connection with electric vehicles is, as we said, one of the most important developments. Through connectivity with the fleet, using management software, we can achieve an immediate level of activity data:

  • Consumption: is possible to know the consumption level of each vehicle to be able to control the cost of each route, being able to make immediate decisions to correct any incident.
  • Recharge: The network of recharging points is not yet a majority, so knowing the vehicle´s recharging levels and positioning it on the network of recharging points means that no electric car will run out of energy.
  • Roads: essential aspect that allows designing the most efficient routes for each driver, guaranteeing their compliance.
  • Location: thanks to the fleet tracking tool, it is possible to know the location of each vehicle in real time.
  • Alarms: systems make it possible to generate alerts on the mechanical situation of the vehicle. With this, it is possible to monitor the mechanical elements of the electric vehicle, without having to stop the vehicle for an overhaul.
  • Dossier and reports: As is normal, all the information that these managers store makes it possible to generate all kinds of reports.


Advantages  of electric vehicles

One of the great advantages of a fleet of electric vehicles is that they are constantly evolving to improve their performance. In addition, these features represent important advantages for companies that incorporate electric vehicles into their fleet:

  • Zero emissions: sustainability is one of the hallmarks of electric vehicles. They do not generate polluting gas emissions and are the best option for respecting the environment.
  • Charging cost: the cost of charging an electric vehicle is generally lower compared to the cost of charging a traditional diesel or gasoline combustion vehicle.
  • Maintenance: the maintenance costs of electric vehicles are much lower than those of traditional combustion vehicles.
  • Motor efficiency: more and more efficient electric motors are being produced, with kWh/100 km consumption much lower compared to traditional cars.
  • Regenerative braking: electric vehicles operate with a generator during braking that is harnessed. The braking energy is harnessed to recharge the batteries, returning energy to the system.
  • Access to cities: electric vehicles benefit from the bonuses and access facilities being imposed by local authorities for access to cities.
  • Confort: convenience and comfort are other major advantages of electric vehicles. Their silence due to the absence of moving parts, or the absence of traditional combustion or exhaust systems, make them much smoother and more pleasant to drive.


Maintenance of electric vehicles

In view of this, the advantages of incorporating electric vehicles into the fleet are numerous. The maintenance of an electric vehicle really pays off in economic terms, even though the purchase price of an electric vehicle is higher than that of a traditional combustion vehicle.

The maintenance cost of an electric vehicle during its useful life will be lower in most cases compared to the traditional vehicle, and this is a very important point if we talk about economic cost.

Despite the more than obvious advantages of the electric vehicle, before making a fleet change, it is necessary to correctly calculate the real economic costs, taking into account the great advantages offered by the electric vehicle, in addition to the obvious advantage of being a much more sustainable tool for the environment.

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