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Ubika, a platform for the transformation towards Logistics 4.0

Thanks to Fagor Electrónica and its Ubika platform, we can make it easier for companies to transition to Logistics 4.0.


Ategi is the force of more than 300 companies and business groups that have decided to centralise the management of their purchases to reduce their costs and increase their business efficiency and profitability.

ATEGI activated last year the UBIKA inter-cooperation project, an innovative platform aimed at enabling companies to transition to Logistics 4.0.

This platform is being developed in close collaboration with Fagor Electrónica, a leading company in fleet management and location.

Logistics 4.0 deals with traceability management, intelligent logistics models, improvement in inventory management, anticipating customer needs, optimising times, managing smaller serial sizes, adapting to omnichannel, detecting problems in the freight before arrival at the destination, etc.

It is in this framework that the UBIKA project is. It aims to generate from ATEGI a value services platform that, beginning with the digitalisation of the Transport and Logistics processes managed by ATEGI, will make the integration of the systems and data of transport suppliers (freight forwarders) available to companies in the future.

Generating a service platform to make the integration of systems and data of transport providers (freight forwarders) available to companies.

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