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“Better together”, the new FlotasNet® slogan

FlotasNet®, the Fleet Management brand of Smart Data Services, has a new slogan that represents the spirit of accompaniment and closeness to its customers.

FlotasNet®, the web platform created and designed for professionals who need information for the control, management and optimization of their corporate mobile resources, has presented to the market its new slogan. The FlotasNet® platform is based on the latest Big Data technologies, allowing the analysis and correlation in real time of the activity and telemetry of vehicles, whether they are heavy or light vehicles, cars, machinery or motorcycles.

In fact, FlotastNet® can show information about any vehicle, trailer or resource in circulation, in which its information and traceability, is interesting or necessary to manage for a company.

After several years with the commercial slogan “Global Solution for Mobility Optimization”, Smart Data Services started the year 2020 convinced to take a big step in terms of its corporate image and communications.  The slogan is one more element that helps to communicate everything Smart Data Services is doing with its core brand FlotasNet®. But the FlotasNet® slogan does not come alone, it comes with a renewed image, identity and value proposal, which transmits much better the deep change process that has taken in Smart Data Services and more specifically in FlotasNet®.

The process of creating the slogan was very collaborative because several departments of the company were involved: the innovation, marketing and commercial departments. They participated by contributing suggestions in a kind of brainstorming,. From there, several phrases emerged with which an investigation was initiated, in order to find out which were the best options.

“Better together” was the result of that analysis. A short, understandable, positive, easy to remember, timeless and creative slogan that represents the values of the brand, where the main characteristic and that differentiates FlotasNet® from the competition, is to support its clients to make their business reach further and better.  There is an important aspect of the purpose of the word “Together”, what is wanted to transmit is the closeness and support to the client during the whole life of the project, being its strategic partner for the development of its business, with the objective of reaching the continuous improvement. Also, the companies will have a specialized manager, who will accompany them in the implementation of key actions and in the digitalization of processes to improve their productivity. On the other hand, the word “better” represents the improvement of productivity, security, decision making and customer service that a company can achieve thanks to FlotasNet®.

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