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The Chilean subsidiary of Smart Data Services has joined the Giro Limpio program, it seeks to certify and recognize the efforts made by companies in the field of sustainability and energy efficiency.

We are pleased to announce that we are a partner organization of the GIRO LIMPIO program, which seeks, through different actors, from transporters to suppliers, to look for synergies in order to contribute to 3 main objectives:

1) To improve the energy efficiency of the freight transport sector by reducing fuel consumption.

2) To reduce the costs of the freight transport sector, increasing its competitiveness. 

3) To reduce GHG emissions and other local pollutants that affect people´s health.

These objectives are in line with the added value that FLOTASNET provides, whose service focuses on supporting our clients in the efficiency of their fleet, this through data obtained and managed directly from the vehicle´s computer, being analyzed and worked in a dynamic and useful way for reducing fuel consumption, optimizing kilometers traveled, greater operational control tools and continuous measurement of CO2 emissions.

We invite everyone to be part of this work, it will allow us to contribute together to the future of our generations and make a great difference in being pioneers in Latin America in actions that support our planet.

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