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Collaboration Agreement Between Fagor Electrónica and Karve Informática S.L.

Fagor Electrónica – Smart Data Services and Karve Informática S.L. signed an agreement through which both companies will benefit from a mutual collaboration.

The aim of the cooperation agreement, signed by both companies is to create new business opportunities for the FlotasNet®, product of Fagor Electrónica – Smart Data Services and, as well as respond to the needs of Karve Informática S.L. customers.

Since 1991 Karve Informática S.L. has been developing specific software for the rental industry in general, and in particular – car rental. They have developed programs and solutions for different sectors such as:

– Software for Rentacar – car rental without driver

– Software for Renting – long-term vehicle rental

– Software for Renting vehicles WITH driver

– Software for Pallet trucks Rental

– Software for Machinery Rental

– Software for Workshop Management and Spare Parts Sales

– Software for Audiovisual Equipment Rental

– Hotel Management Software

Fagor Electrónica – Smart Data Services from its side, with Fleet Management software, FlotasNet®, aims to be a strategic partner for the clients to make their business profitable and help them increase competitiveness. For this, software is based on the most advanced telematics tools on the market, fully implemented, based on the needs of present and future businesses.

We are delighted that KARVE INFORMÁTICA S.L. trust Smart Data Services and FlotasNet®, to support them in their growth objectives. Together we will go further and better.


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