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Collaboration Agreement with A.E.C.A.

Fagor Electrónica’s Smart Data Services and A.E.C.A. join forces to revolutionize fleet management in the car rental sector.

In an exciting joint announcement, Smart Data Services (SDS) and the Andalusian Rental Car Business Association (A.E.C.A.) have signed an unprecedented collaboration agreement. This strategic alliance has as its main objective to provide innovative solutions for the management of car rental fleets among A.E.C.A. associates, marking a milestone in the car rental industry in the region.

The agreement has been forged with the objective of optimizing the operational efficiency of car rental companies by facilitating the adoption of advanced technologies that drive the profitability and sustainability of their operations. By integrating Smart Data Services’ services and expertise with A.E.C.A.’s network of partners, both entities hope to foster the adoption of intelligent fleet management solutions.

The keys to this collaboration include:

  • Advanced Fleet Management Platform: Smart Data Services will provide its state-of-the-art technology platform, equipped with telematics, data analysis and real-time tracking tools. This solution will enable A.E.C.A. car rental companies to optimize transportation, track their fleets and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.


  • Consulting and Training: Smart Data Services will offer its expertise in the implementation and management of intelligent transportation solutions. Through training sessions and personalized advice, A.E.C.A. member companies will be able to take full advantage of the platform’s capabilities and adapt them to their specific needs.


  • Joint Promotion: Both parties agree to carry out a joint promotional campaign on the benefits of intelligent fleet management. It will seek to inform and educate key industry players about the competitive advantages they can gain by joining this initiative.


During the announcement of the collaboration, the president of A.E.C.A., Félix Pinar Reina expressed his enthusiasm for this alliance, stating: “We are convinced that this partnership with Smart Data Services will mark a before and after in the way we manage our fleets. We are ready to embrace innovation and lead the way towards a more efficient future in car rental in Andalusia”.

For his part, Smart Data Services business director Marcos Sanchez commented: “It is an honor to collaborate with A.E.C.A. in this initiative. Our technology platform has proven its worth in various industries, and now, we are excited to bring its benefits to car rental fleet management. Together, we can build a more connected and efficient environment.”

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