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Discover how a Fleet Management System, allows you to increase the security of your vehicles

Thanks to Fagor Electrónica Smart Data Services technology you can have better control of your vehicles, providing safety for both the driver and the load.

One of the aspects in which a Fleet Management System can contribute a lot is safety: driver safety, cargo safety and immediate attention to incidents are aspects that concern companies today. In this area, Fagor Electrónica, Smart Data Services, has based on it from the beginning, providing its systems with accessories and functionalities related to SECURITY.

It can be controlled not only where is the vehicle, the driver, goods, but also that it is transported safely, for this purpose a multitude of physical accessories with technology from Fagor Electrónica can be installed and connected to the Fleet Management System, according to the customer´s needs: door opening sensors, temperature sensors, security and traceability of refrigerated cargo, panic buttons, combined with the new technology of the FlotasNet® platform that uses the data and signals from this hardware and manages its use.

FlotasNet® generates alarms and/or warnings that can be easily redirected through messages to the driver, e-mails, signals in the same FlotasNet® application on the computer screen, connections with CRAs (Central Alarm Receiving Agencies) chosen by the customer or SMS messages to the people (inside the organization or outside) who must manage them, all in real time and instantly:

    • Alarm button press by the driver.
      • Button in cab and/or boot in case of passenger cars.
    • Failure in the cooling of the load.
      • Security in the traceability and stability of the load.
      • Control of temperature loss in the door openings.
    • Unauthorized entry and/or exit of a vehicle from the base, within a time programmed by the user.
    • Use of an unauthorized service area.
    • Opening of semitrailer doors in an unauthorized location.
    • Failure to comply with checkpoints on the route (leaving the route).
    • Entry into a location determined by an unauthorized point (the system can control where the vehicle enters a base, for example, by determining which direction the vehicle is going when it enters).
    • Categorised monitoring and control points.
    • We integrate messaging systems between the vehicle by means of a 7″ touch screen display in which, among many other functions, we also incorporate SOS panic and fault warning buttons.
    • Immediate location of vehicles closer to an incident from FlotastNet® etc.
    • Etc.

In addition, the system, as an accessory can incorporate hardware equipment for immobilizing the vehicle, which is activated remotely from the central, in case of theft detection.

We also have specific physical systems for the control of theft of semi-trailers with battery autonomy of up to 3 years.

Without any doubt, security is one of the aspects that companies concern today. Fagor Electrónica and its Fleet Management Systems and FlotasNet® respond to the needs of the market. Checked.

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