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Driver Rating

Improve efficiency with our Driver Skills Module.

As we well know, driving efficiency for all that it entails is one of the goals that all major transport companies strive for.

But what is efficient driving? In fact, it is quite simple. This concept refers to the fact that when driving a vehicle, it should be done in the most intelligent way, in order to save fuel. This, in addition to direct cost savings, will also reduce the environmental impact of road traffic, that is why it is essential to apply it.

Thus, efficient, safe, ecological and quality driving brings us many benefits in the development of our activity. The most obvious benefit is fuel saving, but there are others for taking into account. Correct use facilitates conservation of wear parts of the car, such as brakes, tires… consequently our maintenance costs can be reduced. In addition, driving efficiently means making a safer driving decision, which will avoid possible accidents.

And to achieve this, from Fagor Electrónica – Smart Data Services, we have developed a driver qualification module, to be able to analyze the driving habits in order to train, manage and inform to improve the driving efficiency of our operators.

Our module is based on all the information collected from the vehicle´s CAN Bus. This information is assigned to the driver of the vehicle at the moment, and thus we can have a history of the vehicle data based on the operator.

In order to give a report to the client and thus be able to show in a graphical and simple way, FlotasNet interprets the data received from the clients and values their effectiveness according to a template created by default or agreed with the client, to establish optimal values. This means that it can be valued in different ways according to activity, type of vehicles or convenience.

Our report is based on 4 main points, they are: EFFICIENCY, SAFETY, ECOLOGY AND QUALITY.

In Safety, driving aspects related to driver risk prevention and road safety are assessed

In Efficiency, ideal driving is defined as driving in which the resources of the vehicle are used appropriately, with knowledge of the physical principles that affect energy efficiency and directly affect fuel consumption and wear of consumable elements (brakes, clutch, tires, etc.).

In Quality section it pays great attention to quality driving, respecting traffic regulations and proper vehicle maintenance.

In Ecology, driving aspects related to environmental protection and pollution are valued.

The following parameters collected from the vehicle CAN Bus are used to value these four main aspects: hard braking, hard acceleration, unpredictable driving, unnecessary idling, good engine usage, revolutions per minute in red zone, revolutions per minute in green zone, active cruise control time and inertia.

A continuación, puedes ver el vídeo en donde te enseñamos a utilizar el módulo de calificación de conductores.

Below, you can watch the video where we show you how to use the driver qualification module.

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