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Fagor Electrónica and AEXCA join forces to boost innovation in the excavation sector in Cantabria

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration project between Fagor Electrónica – Smart Data Services, a company located in Santander and the prestigious association of excavators of Cantabria, AEXCA.

The recently signed collaboration agreement between the two companies aims to explore new business opportunities and promote the adoption of innovative technologies in the excavation sector in the region of Cantabria. This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone on the road to the modernisation and growth of the construction industry in the community.

The experience and technological know-how of Fagor Electrónica – Smart Data Services will be combined with the reputation and experience of AEXCA in the field of excavation, to offer innovative and efficient solutions to companies and professionals in the sector. Together, we are committed to driving technological development and improving operational efficiency in all areas of excavation in Cantabria.

Some highlights of this collaboration include:

– Market expansion: The partnership with AEXCA provides Fagor Electrónica with the opportunity to reach a wider audience within the construction sector in Cantabria, opening up new market avenues and generating a greater geographical reach.
– Technological innovation: This collaboration will allow the introduction of cutting-edge technologies in the construction sector, improving productivity, safety and efficiency of operations.
– Joint development of solutions: Fagor Electrónica and AEXCA will work closely in the joint development of customised solutions that meet the specific needs of companies and professionals in the excavation sector in Cantabria.

We are excited about the potential this collaboration has to boost the growth and competitiveness of the construction industry in Cantabria. We will continue to work together to deliver innovative and high quality solutions that will drive success and development in the region.

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