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Fagor Electrónica has received Internationalization Award 2022

On April the 1st, Fagor Electrónica received Internationalization 2022 award from Gipuzkoa Chamber of Commerce, in recognition of the international expansion, that began some decades ago and has been developing over the last few years.

The award was given by the Deputy General of Guipúzcoa, Markel Olano, and received by our colleagues Mónica Vaz and Mikel Trojaola, President and CEO of Fagor Electrónica Group, in front of a forum of more than 300 people from the business world of Basque Country.

The chamber of commerce recognizes “the pioneering character of the cooperative in its internationalization with the start-up of the first production plant in Asia in 1992, and opening of production plants in 4 other countries in the past two years”.

This award is the result of the work and commitment of all those people who currently form part of Fagor Electrónica Group, with 520 employees and 7 production plants spread over 6 countries (two in Spain, Thailand, Chile, Mexico, Turkey and Colombia), with an export level of over 70%, exporting to the markets of Europe, Asia and America. The increase in demand and the positioning achieved by Fagor Electrónica with international customers such as Toyota, Airbus, Robert Bosch, Grupo Antolin, Siemens, Electrolux, Eika, Copreci, etc., has led to the need to carry out a new process of setting up production plants abroad. The turnover in 2021 was around 75 million euros, and with dynamic of growing, unaffected by the pandemic, the sales were divided into 35% in the European continent, 40% in the Asian continent and 25% in America.

We are grateful for this recognition the work. This award is the result of the work of all the people who form part of the Fagor Electrónica Group.

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