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Fagor Telecom Chile was created

The company recently signed a strategic alliance with the company from Chille, signaling our growing commitment to this country as a strategic market.

Since 2014, Fagor Electrónica has been working hand in hand with Cloux SPA in the commercial development of FlotasNet® in the Chilean market. Year after year, the number of companies and vehicles that trust in FlotasNet® and the people behind its telematic solutions has been constantly increasing, allowing both companies to open a gap in the very competitive Chilean market.

More than 6 years of close collaboration have brought lots of joys and many challenges had been overcome, making Chile the second largest export market in terms of turnover and the first in terms of number of vehicles with FlotasNet®, thus strengthening the strategic alliance between Fagor and Cloux.

During the last year 2020 both companies have carried out the most ambitious of their projects, taking the alliance to the next level, which means an increase in the commitment to Chile as a strategic market for Fagor Smart Services, a market in which we want to position ourselves as a reference solution for transport companies at the technological forefront.

Thanks to this new model, Fagor Telecom Chile SPA was created through the merger of both companies, and with the firm aim of expanding throughout the Chilean territory beyond the regions where we have traditionally operated until now. In this way, it aims at more and more transport companies that decide to trust FlotasNet® and Fagor SDS as their technological ally to accompany them in the pursuit and achievement of their productivity, safety, decision-making and customer information objectives, and to do it together.

Better together.

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