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From Idea to Reality: Interview with the Team Behind the New Version of FlotasNet

In the dynamic world of fleet management, innovation and constant adaptation are crucial to maintain a competitive edge In this spirit, FlotasNet’s product department has undertaken the ambitious project of developing a new version of its fleet management platform, with the aim of offering more efficient and advanced solutions for its customers.

In this interview we talk to part of the FlotasNet product team to understand the process behind the development of this new version. We will explore the challenges they faced, the innovative technologies they implemented and the key improvements users can expect. Plus, we’ll learn how this upgrade aligns with the company’s vision and strategic goals.

Join us and discover how this new version of FlotasNet is transforming the way companies manage their fleets for a more efficient and connected future.

What are the key improvements and differences between the new version of FlotasNet and the previous one?

The new version of FlotasNet is a departure from the previous version in the presentation of information to the user A thorough internal study has been carried out by the entire business with the aim of changing the concept of displaying relevant data. Traditionally, our platforms show a lot of information to the user, which is accessed through a navigation through numerous menus and reports. In the new version, FlotasNet works for the user and performs a diagnostic of the fleet situation. As a result, more relevant indicators are obtained, which will be shown to the user in a natural way when accessing through minimal menus. Subsequently, following a discovery navigation methodology, the maximum level of granularity of information is accessed. In this way, a user will not need to access a complex report with a lot of data to extract a result; FlotasNet shows the result from the beginning and it will be the user himself, who, if he needs to know something more, will go deeper and navigate until he obtains the total detail.

Taking advantage of the conceptual change, a total modernization has been carried out in order to achieve a visually impressive final appearance.

What motivated the development of a new version?

Internally, the platform had been on the market for some time and the developments were always looking to add new information, leaving the restructuring of the platform pending. The identification of the need to improve the UX, facilitate access to data, minimize the learning curve, the use of our software by our customers and, above all, facilitate the location of the data being worked on, have been key in the decision to promote the development of the new version.

The new version of FlotasNet is a simpler and more intuitive tool. Can you give us a specific example that shows this greater ease of use?

Everything starts from the login itself, which requires less access data. As soon as the user logs in, he will have at a glance the “picture” of the status of his fleet at that moment. He can then decide whether he needs to know more, in which case the page itself will direct him and he can navigate to find more detailed information or decide that the information is sufficient, since it allows him to know what is happening, but he needs to have information on the results. En este segundo supuesto, a través de la opción estadísticas, el usuario podrá acceder a una foto del “resultado de la actividad por periodo seleccionado” que nuevamente podrá ser suficiente o bien le ayudará a investigar y encontrar datos adicionales de interés.

What would you say are the most outstanding features of the new version of FlotasNet that make the tool more attractive to users?

There is no specific functionality, it is more the new philosophy of the platform, which is aimed at improving the user experience and providing value-added data to the user to make it easier to manage their fleet.

It changes from the way of navigating to the presentation of the final data, opting to provide a first level of information that is more effective for the user. This first level provides much more value and helps to diagnose at a glance the status of what is needed, allowing to go deeper into the data to know the causes of that diagnosis.

Has there been any specific functionality added in response to specific customer requests or needs?

As I mentioned before, there is no specific functionality, but rather the whole package. The platform has been built to respond to all the needs of our customers that have been gathered throughout our experience in recent years. Needs that have been covered at a first level, and that will continue to be covered during the life of the platform since these needs evolve over time, either by new demands of our customers, or by the inclusion of new devices or software, which provide us with valuable information.

How do you approach the customization of the new version of FlotasNet to meet specific customer needs?

In this version, several concepts are applied to help the user with that customization, mainly oriented in two aspects. One related to the regional and thematic configuration of the user, being the user able to configure his time zone, units of measurement, language, profile image, dark mode, … so that the application displays the information according to his needs; and two, related to the information displayed on the screen. The reports are designed to show the data that the user needs and that this configuration is saved only for him, being able to access different users to the same report, but for each of them the information is shown in a different way. An example of this could be a productivity report, in which all the data is shown, but one user’s profile requires only the fuel consumption data, and another one the distance data. Depending on the user and their configuration, each user can access all the information, or only the information they need, both using the same report, but each seeing the configuration for which they prepared it.

Are there any resources or specialized assistance to help with the transition?

In principle, the platform has been prepared so that most of it can be used instinctively, without the need for advice or training. So, because of the navigation philosophy, the user will discover the information he needs intuitively However, we will always have a team of specialized advisors and technicians at our customers’ disposal who will be happy to help users who need something more specific.

What strategy will the company follow to train users?

One of the most important concepts in the design of the new version is ease of use and user experience. In this sense, our training strategy will not be oriented towards explaining how to do things, but rather to making sure that our clients know what they can do. With this in mind, there will be initial training for customers when they sign up, and whenever they require it we will do tailored training on the topic they need. In addition, there will be communications whenever there are new features or improvements and we will do webinars on specific topics.

How do you approach technical support and troubleshooting for users?

We approach it following our mantra, “better together”: Each of our customers is assigned a manager, who constantly monitors the correct status and operation of their fleet and other assets.

When a problem arises, the customer can report it and follow up from the tool itself, or if he prefers, through the means he prefers, phone, email…

What are the plans for future updates and improvements in FlotasNet?

During this year we are going to enhance the functionalities related to vehicle and trailer sensors and telemetry, as well as the use of tachograph in the European market.

Is continuous feedback from users taken into account for the evolution of the tool?

Of course we do! At FlotasNet, we consider the constant feedback from our users fundamental for the continuous improvement of our tool. We maintain close and regular contact with our customers, actively listening to their comments and suggestions at all times. In addition, we organize specific activities and dedicated communication channels for them to express their needs. This direct feedback allows us to adapt and evolve our platform so that it truly responds to the demands and requirements of our users, thus ensuring an optimal and satisfactory experience for all our customers.

Does the tool have specific mobile applications or is it optimized for use on mobile devices?

Aunque nuestra plataforma web es completamente compatible con dispositivos móviles, también Although our web platform is fully compatible with mobile devices, we also have the FlotasNet Mobile application, available in the Android and iPhone markets.de la aplicación FlotasNet Mobile, disponible en los markets de Android y iPhone. This app has an exclusive, practical and efficient design, which facilitates the consultation and execution of actions in an agile and simple way.

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