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How to guarantee the cold chain in transport with a fleet manager 3.0

Maintaining the cold chain ensures that products have been kept within the controlled temperature range at all stages, for example in the case of food products, the chain would be composed of production, transport, storage and final sale of the product.

Respecting the cold chain, as well as being obligatory by law, contributes to an extended useful life of the products, guaranteeing that their properties remain unaltered.

Transport, as an important part of the supply chain, must guarantee and control that the cold chain is not altered at any time during transport. For this, we work to control the traceability of the entire cold chain of the goods, by means of interconnected systems that provide information to the customer online, so that the customer can certify that the transport is being carried out in the ideal way depending on the product being transported. 

An efficient cold chain in export logistics is very important, as it guarantees a quality standard for the products. In addition, customers, consumers and institutions need detailed information about the compliance with the cold chain. Those who sell products that have to be transported with a cold chain, are looking for transport providers who can inform them in real time about the temperature control of their goods.

Another aspect to take into account is the safety of the goods or the brightness of the passenger compartment, as certain products must be transported with a very low light load. In order to be able to report all these situations, transport companies that provide these services rely on 3.0 fleet managers such as FlotasNet, tools that incorporate the necessary control processes in the traceability of the cold chain.

This type of system allows receiving information in real time, creating and generating alerts that the client wants to program, such as the opening of doors in unauthorized places, or the detection of breakdowns in the refrigeration system, allowing their repair in time, without damaging the goods, in order to detect system breakdowns, to fix them in time and avoid damaging the goods. 

Another important point about this type of provider is that they offer ways to install a portable temperature kit, which is very useful for transport companies that can use renting vehicles or even back-up vehicles for peak periods.


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