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How to increase productivity using a fleet manager

When we talk about fleet managers, transport companies or, companies that manage an important fleet of vehicles for their activity, some questions arise. They are aware that a GPS fleet management tool represents an important advance, even beyond the control of the transport fleet itself. Such areas as sustainability are also an important part of good fleet management software.

As a first step, it is necessary to know that a fleet manager controls the fleet under a GPS system, providing detailed information on the activity and telemetry of the vehicles. We must point out that when we talk about fleet management, it is common to have the image of large tonnage trucks into our minds, but with current transport and fleet management software, this control is possible not only on heavy vehicles, but also on passenger cars. , machinery and even motorbikes.

It is true that current GPS fleet locators on heavy vehicles allow to get and manage information about trailers and containers, as well as about the tractor unit. Shortly, good fleet management software can show information about any vehicle, trailer or resource that is in motion; and whose information and traceability is interesting or necessary to manage by the company.

Productivity and profitability

One of the most important aspects of fleet management software is analysis. This type of tool allows you to analyse fleet performance, identify opportunities for improvement and, of course, to set objectives related to sustainability, productivity in kilometers driven or profitability by reducing consumption.

At first glance it is possible that we do not realize that GPS fleet management allows us to establish a sustainability strategy. A good control of the fleet allows us to increase the productivity of the vehicles by eliminating, for example, the empty kilometers. The elimination of empty kilometers, in addition to increasing profitability by eliminating trips that entail a cost compared to zero income, means being more sustainable for two reasons:

1-We do not drive unnecessary kilometers, thus reducing carbon emissions.

2-By not doing those kilometers, we do not consume fuel or components such as tyres, extending their useful life and needing fewer natural resources.

As we can see, having a tool such as a GPS fleet manager, in addition to improving safety, improving our decision making or improving our service to customers, also allows us to provide the company with significant cost savings.

We must not forget that nowadays a tool such as a GPS fleet manager is no longer a “watertight” tool, but it is a tool that allows adaptability and customization. The statistical modules of these tools make it possible to obtain reliable data on fleet management as a basis for future continuous improvement strategies.

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