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Interview to Oriana Carreño

We are going to interview our colleague Oriana Carreño, export channel sales manager, to know her better and to know about her experience in the company.

  1. For those who do not know you, how would you describe yourself?

As a positive and happy person (if not, ask my colleagues who see me when I enter in the morning). I consider myself a social being, and I like to be surrounded with people who make me laugh. In the labor aspect, I enjoy interacting with clients and all about coordination and organization activities. I also like to ask about everything, but because I like to understand everything, especially if it is something that I haven´t mastered yet.


  1. Could you give us an overview of your business career from the beginning to nowadays?

I have always been in the commercial area, but with very varied products and services. In Chile, I started in the world of Intellectual Property, and then in Spain I moved to the lifts. Now I am with FlotasNet, something very different to the last products, but I am delighted. As people say, every new job is like a master’s degree, and the truth is that I am not afraid of changing of sector so radically, because this means that I am going to learn something new, which motivates me a lot. Although I am at a point where I know myself quite well as a professional, I am interested in continuing to grow and that can only be done if you put yourself to the test with new challenges.


  1. What is your biggest achievement in the position you hold?

I think I have been in the company for a short time to have a big achievement, but I know they will come, because I do everything from my side. Moreover, with the big team I founded in Fagor, I am sure it will be easier.


  1. How is the working environment with your colleagues in the company?

Although right now we should have more distance and there are less instances to know each other better, I have felt quite welcome, and above all, I am very comfortable to be surrounded by people with a lot of experience, who like what they do and that is transmitted. As I am learning, I try not no disturb the same person every time, so I finish talking to everybody, and the truth is that they are very willing to help me, which makes me feel part of the team and of course motivates me to do the same for people who will join Fagor in the future.


  1. What do you like to do in your free time?

Recently, I have a lot of outdoor hobbies, but the one I enjoy the most is singing. I have some music groups and from time to time we give some concerts. Of course, I like going out with my friends and if there is food – much better! As I like eating good, I also cook to satisfy my appetite, and if I can make someone’s day better with food, I am happy.


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