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Interview with Adrián Sainz

We interviewed our colleague Adrián Sainz, systems administrator. We would like to thank him for his availability and for giving us a few minutes to answer these questions in order to get to know him a little better.

  1. For those who don´t know you, how would you define yourself?

I would define myself as an extrovert, friendly and above all, a good person. It seems like my mother is writing it, but no… you will always see me with a smile on my face.

(except if I dislike you). I am also sometimes quite stubborn and I think I am always right. Although I know how to rectify in time, which they say is wise… no one is perfect. 


  1. Can you give us an overview of your business career from your beginnings to the present day?

My first job was a telemarketer when I was 18 years old, it’s a bad time for a job that requires a lot of patience. Telling grandparents if they wanted to have fibre when thay didn’t even have a computer it was quite difficult. So that’s it, 6 days I held out…Later, when I was finished my studies, I started my internship in a IT and technological solutions company where I spent 3 and a half years as a technician and a final year as head of the systems department before coming to Fagor, where I have been since January this year. I learned quite of my colleagues and my responsibilities, I have always thought that, even if there are some differences, teamwork is better. In addition, I also learned how to deal with all kinds of people and ranks in the company, which in the long run has benefited me to know how to deal with people both inside and outside the workplace in a more empathetic and pleasant way. It´s very difficult for you to see me lose my manners, you must have done something big…how to take down a server. Noooo, it’s a Adrijoke 


  1. What has been your greatest achievement in your position?

I have not yet been in the job long enough to be a great achievement, but I think that, in this short period of time, one of the biggest achievements for me has been to be able to adapt quickly and fit in perfectly with the company. Furthermore, we have carried out the occasional internal monitoring project, backups and automation, that have turned out quite well. We continue for bingo… 


  1. What is the working atmosphere like with your colleagues in the company?

In two words, as Jesulín would say: IM-PRESSIVE. One of the reasons that surprised me when I arrived here was how well I was received and how easily I adapted to my new job, thanks in large part to my colleagues. Every day, as well as a lot of work, there is no shortage of laughter and jokes between us. That´s great!


  1. What do you like to do in your free time?

Travelling a lot and playing padel. I tend to do the former rather better than the latter. Every day of my holidays is spent going away for longer and further away. Sometimes my dog wonders who that stranger is who comes through the door every now and then. 19 days ago I come back from California and in 66 days I go to London, I am sure there will be some escapades on the way… That´s how tight my calendar is! 


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