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Interview with Asier Diez

We interviewed our colleague Asier Diez, the operational coordinator of our work centers. We want to thank him for his availability and for granting us a few minutes to answer these questions to get to know him better both professionally and personally

  1. For someone who doesn´t know you, how would you define yourself?

I consider myself an outgoing person with a sense of humor and a big smile. I like to stay in contact with people and lend a helping hand wherever it´s needed.

Over the years, I think I´ve become a bit demanding of myself. I like things to go well and on time, which sometimes makes me too intense…in other words, a bit annoying. Who hasn´t wanted to tell me to go jump in a lake at some point? I can´t have it all good…

  1. Can you give us an overview of your career path from the beginning to the present day?

My first job experience was at Fagor Electronics, and what an experience…I´m still here.

I started working in July 2015, when I was a young man fresh out of college. I went straight into the after-sales service department, and I don´t know what I did or how they saw me, but they quickly sent me to the production department, where I could toughen up a bit in equipment preparation and orders, which I needed. That´s how I got to know the business from the inside out.

After this little journey, I returned to the post-sales cradle as a manager, where I was able to get in touch with and get to know many customers with whom I like to have a very close relationship. In this case, my journey lasted until October 2020 when I moved to the implementation department, also as a manager.

Finally, my role changed to operational coordinator of the Santander, Colombia, and Chile workplaces; and boy, did I get into it… Even so, here I am with more gray hair and less hair, but resisting the challenge.

As an overall view of my career, I´m lucky to have been able to go through many areas of the business and share moments, experiences, and learnings with most of the people who form it, including those who are no longer here. To be honest, I´ve been very lucky, as in many cases, I already consider them part of my family. Let´s not exaggerate…half-family.

  1. What has been your greatest achievement in your current position?

As for my greatest achievement, I don´t identify any. Maybe it´s because I don´t blush…

I´m proud to have been able to mature both personally and professionally while the business matured and grew. I still remember my first business trips to Asturias when I was nervous and shaking like a leaf. And look now, traveling to Chile, Mexico, and what´s left to discover… Honestly, still shaking like a leaf, but a little more seasoned haha.

I´m also proud to have been part of work teams with people from the other side of the world, with other cultures, experiences, and ways of being totally different from ours. From which I have been able to pick up many learnings. That´s what happens when you deal with them practically every day…as I often tell them, I talk to them more than I do with my girlfriend. Worrisome!!

  1. What is the working environment like with your colleagues in the company?

he working environment in the company is very good, and you can feel it when you enter the office. I also extend it to colleagues who work outside of it or in other workplaces.

The good atmosphere is also noticeable when we have some gatherings outside of work or directly when we have some beers right after work. don´t know how long these gatherings or barbecues will last, as cholesterol is starting to take its toll on many of us, and it´s beginning to be risky…

  1. What do you like to do in your free time?

I consider myself a sports enthusiast. For several years now, I have been playing paddle tennis and recently I have been going to the gym regularly to try to sweat and burn off the excesses of the weekend. Usually, I fall far short of this goal…

The facet for which I am best known is for being such a sufferer when it comes to soccer, specifically with Racing (this really takes years off my life).

Every weekend when there is a game, my group of friends and I usually organize a meal or dinner to warm up and try to make the game pass as quickly as possible. Sometimes, this extends to when the team plays away games, and we organize trips where we discover the local cuisine and nightlife of the places. On many occasions, given the continuous disappointments year after year, we discover towns that I never thought I would set foot in… we have to try to see the positive side of things.

The truth is, I´m content with very little, surrounded by my people drinking a beer is enough for me to enjoy my free time. If we can add some delicacy to eat to that, even better. Lately, I have left my comfort zone and have been interested in discovering exotic countries. Last year, I visited India, and it was a unique and highly recommended experience.

I hope this interview has been able to serve you in getting to know me from another, more personal point of view. Regards and take care!.

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