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Interview with David Castanedo

We interview our colleague David Castanedo, Product manager. We are grateful because he found some minutes to answer the questions.

  1. For those who don´t know you, how would you describe yourself?

I consider myself as a hard-working and modest person, I am a fighter. On a personal level I use to be quiet and even introverted at the beginning, but that changes as soon as I talk to the same person twice. I take my work very seriously and under pressure I am an “agony-optimist”, so if one day you see me with a frown on my face, don´t worry, it´s nothing personal. Being this way has helped me to overcome big challenges.


  1. Can you give us an overview of your career from the beginning to nowadays?

Before joining Fagor I had several jobs, from pizza delivery man to programmer. At Fagor I started in customer service and I learned a lot during that time. I carried out the whole process from advising the sales department on the appropriate solution for a customer, the preparation and shipment of equipment, training and after-sales service when everything was implemented. The business was growing both in terms of customers and staff and my work focused on taking responsibility for the implementation of new projects.

The time has come to expand to Latin America and this stage has been very important for my personal and professional growth.

Currently I am in charge of the technical-commercial management of one of our main Smartdata Car clients. It is a great challenge that requires you to do your best every day.


  1. What is your greatest achievement in the position you hold?

Personally, my greatest achievement has been to be the leader of such a large project, even though it robs me of many hours of sleep.

In general, the greatest achievement is to be a part of the business’ growth and to see how, thanks to adapting and working hard, we have achieved so much… and what we still have to achieve!


  1. How is the working environment with your colleagues in the company??

Generally, it is a very good atmosphere. There are always colleagues who make you smile and even though it is impossible to please each one of the colleagues, there is respect among all of us. Sometimes occurs some minor disagreement, especially at the times, when work situations require difficult decisions.

I will never get tired of being grateful for the colleagues I have and had throughout my career, whose invaluable support has helped me get to where I am today.


  1. What do you like to do in your free time?

I have many hobbies such as traveling, biking, motorcycles, watching motor sports, playing guitar, mechanics, but recently I´m getting lazier and lazier… but I wouldn´t highlight any of them above the others.

In my free time, mostly I enjoy the sea, as long as the weather and the water temperature permit it. I really like going sailing because of the calmness it gives me. 

Also, it is easy to find me sunbathing grubbing some beer, or with friends and colleagues.

Entrevista a David Castanedo

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