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Interview with José Ramón Grau

We are going to interview our colleague José Ramón Grau, responsible of the software platform. We would like to thank him for giving us a few minutes to answer these questions. His activity does not stop, so it is admirable the time he has dedicated to us. Here you have his interview.

1. For those who do not know you, how would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as a normal person, with strengths and weaknesses.

A responsible and hard-working person, who is 100% involved in the tasks he is carrying out, and that is accompanied by positivism and humor to carry them out. In my personal dealings with people I don’t know, at the beginning I use to be quite observant and reserved, although that passes quickly.


  1. Could you give us an overview of your business career from the beginning to nowadays?

I started in Fagor a few months after its creation, in 2001. I had just finished my career and I started as a trainee, whose main task was the programming of desktop applications, administration of databases and integration of cartographies. For a few years I continued as a programmer, evolving and maturing as the platform evolved, personally and technologically. Over time, I had the opportunity to lead a new product, a job that I have performed with enthusiasm and with a great desire to learn and grow professionally, due to it was my first incursion into tasks that were not only about programming, but that were getting me into the management of projects, people, suppliers… For some time, I was doing this task, initially overlapping it with that of programming, and later in exclusivity. Years later, there was a new business opportunity in the company, and with it, a new platform, to which I was given the opportunity to be responsible and with it the responsibility of seeing it born and grow, until it became a successful platform as the first one in which I participated. This means facing very exciting challenge, but quite complex and delicate at the same time. Challenge that I am sure will be completed successfully, thanks to the fact I am surrounded by an excellent team at all levels, personal and technical, who will help me to achieve it. 


  1. What is your biggest achievement in the position you hold?

When I think of an achievement in the position I hold, several come to mind, but I would stick with the one that is the foundation of the rest. Having managed to surround myself with a great team that has helped me and will help me to achieve all the achievements that are within our reach, since at the end of the day, achievements are always the team´s more than their own.


  1. How is the working environment with your colleagues in the company?

Excellent, we are lucky to have a team of this level. We are a team in which we move in a not too big age range, so we all have tastes, interests and hobbies in common, which sometimes end up developing outside the office as well, extending this good relationship into the extralaboral area. The team is always willing to help and teach colleagues, even at the cost of penalizing their time in favour of the other. The team is composed of a mixture of youth, where there is so much illusion and desire to continue growing and helping others to grow, and of less young people, who add that point of maturity and experience that completes the team. Without a doubt, the work environment is one of the company´s strong points.


5. What do you like to do in your free time?

I like sport in general, but as a spectator. I specially enjoy watching football, basketball and tennis. I am also a cinema fan, so when there is a movie that deserves it, I go to the big screen to enjoy it, adding popcorn, soda and a gift to go with it (Funko, cuddly toy…). I also have other small hobbies such as music, or collect things like coins or stickers.

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