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The company Monbus has managed to reduce its fuel consumption in 5% during the last year thanks to FlotasNet.


It is essential that companies strictly monitor their activity, including even the smallest details, in order to meet the quality standards currently required by the market. Monbus is applying it into its fleets and, for this purpose, it has had a control center that operates virtually 24 hours a day for already two years. From these units, located at the As Arieiras head office, in Lugo, Spain, they track the 787 buses that have the Flotasnet application incorporated.

This department has real-time data on the location of each bus, it receives information on whether arrival and departure times are met, energy consumption, excessive speed, analysis of the daily routes scheduled, and even alerts of possible incidents related to the temperature of the engine or battery.

All data is collected by the computer system and processed. The results allow changes not only in the way of driving, but also when designing and adjusting schedules and routes.

This computer tool, which has already allowed the Monbus group to achieve a fuel savings up to 5% last year, collects data in real time and on a daily basis, which are assessed quarterly and that allow the necessary corrections, including the refresher training of drivers that the system recognises as not efficient, which are required to attend a course. After passing the training, it is checked whether they have changed habits and improved their driving.

The system individually collects parameters such as sudden braking, speed, revolutions per minute, and engine temperature. Each driver accumulates their own data for the purposes of that individual assessment drawn up by the firm.

Sources of the company have indicated that the percentage of drivers who have to attend the refresher courses does not reach 1%. This percentage has to do with the fact that the workforce, with an average of between 45 and 50 years, is made up of experienced drivers, who are subjected to strict aptitude tests before they get on the first bus.

The application, which is linked to the EA 0050 certification of efficient management and driving systems, which accredits both fleets and drivers, goes beyond efficient driving and has an impact on energy consumption. Moreover, it has the goal of achieving the improvement of environmental management and pollution reduction, which are aspects that are also a priority for the Lucense group in road passenger transport.


After almost two years using this system for computer control of its fleets, the company is already collecting the results, which shows not only energy savings and reduction of pollution by emissions, but also another important parameter for the company: the maintenance of vehicles.


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