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One of the characteristics of its mobile park is the presence of an external partner that is in charge of fleet management. Why has this management model been chosen?

A new specialised management model has been sought through a new service provision model. The goals were to optimise and reduce the overall costs of the fleet and displacements, as well as ensuring the best quality conditions and service time to the internal customer and ensuring continuous improvement. With the distribution of roles, the Naturgy Mobile Park unit is responsible for defining the global fleet management strategy, ensuring compliance with policies, service control, and quality supervision. The functions that have been outsourced in our partner have been the operational management of the fleet, reporting, analysis, and advisory services.

In a single year, the operation has been established with the new fleet manager without the change having an impact on the provision of the service for our users. In a second phase, operational processes have been lifted and simplified, a new reporting system was implemented, and the foundations were laid to address added-value improvements such as fleet rationalisation, optimisation of the renting acquisition model, review of a number of policies, etc.

What are your goals with the project?

The project was conceived from its origin with a dual goal. On the one hand, we sought a technology to be able to monitor and analyse the behaviour of vehicles from the standpoint of their use, which would allow for a well-structured information base and the necessary analysis tools to improve the processes of fleet management. On the other hand, we were looking for a technology that is capable of increasing the level of safety of our drivers at the wheel, through an online assistant in situations of risk and a series of real-time services for drivers.

Why did you choose Fagor and FlotasNet®?

After a process of prospecting for technologies on the market, followed by a competitive bidding process, we compiled a list of technological solutions that met the technical and functional requirements. The solution provided by Fagor, in addition to its cost-competitiveness, offered the ability to undergo specific technical modifications requested by Naturgy. What did you like most about FlotasNet®? Unlike closed products, Fagor Electrónica and FlotasNet® offered guarantees of specific evolutionary development, as it was a company with proven engineering and development capabilities and based on decision-making at the national level. Since the initial implementation, a large number of specific developments have been undertaken, as requested by Naturgy.

What do you expect from our company?

In the first instance, customer orientation, until the corporate solution is consolidated, and in a second phase, international extension capacity to the countries where Naturgy has a presence and fleet.

What does the implementation of the Naturgy management solution provide? From the standpoint of fleet management, it is an important source of information on the use of the fleet, such as the kilometres travelled and actual fuel consumption, hours of use, overnight locations of vehicles, the specific driver on each journey, the degree of professional or private use in individual assignment vehicles, etc. This information allows us to ensure compliance with internal fleet management policies, improve operational processes by having real and detailed information, and in the long run, we hope that they will also result in lower costs in items with certain inertia such as fuel or sure.

From the standpoint of safety, FlotasNet® is allowing us to increase progressively the measurements that are performed in the different indicators related to driving and warning control of situations of risk at the wheel, as well as the implementation of improvable practices by direct measurement. For example, the simple fact of detecting which drivers were still making a journey, even if it is a short one, without using the seat belt has meant a very important qualitative improvement in terms of safety.

How do you rate the project overall?

In a very positive way. We are still in the development phase of services and applications and our users are still experiencing the curve of change, but the possibilities are very large. In general, after an initial phase, the initial rejection by the user group is understandable, and the degree of acceptance and assessment is being good.

What is the general impression you have about our company?

Fagor Electrónica is proving to be an assertive and flexible partner to Naturgy’s needs while proposing improvements even in the customer’s internal processes. I would especially highlight the good management of the implementation project.

What do you think of the treatment offered by the company’s staff?

Very close and collaborative.

"Fagor Electrónica is proving to be an assertive and flexible collaborator to Naturgy’s needs while proposing improvements even in internal processes. In addition, the treatment offered has always been very close and collaborative"

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