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New functionalities in the latest version of FlotasNet® Mobile

The new version of FlotasNet® Mobile has new features that make it an essential and useful tool for companies who want to have full control over their assets.

A few weeks ago, we announced the launch of the new version of our application FlotasNet Mobile, and today we want to show the new features of this version that can be downloaded now in Google Play and soon in App Store.

With this new version our clients will be able to benefit from all the functionalities that were available in the previous version, but also will be able to use a more user-friendly interface that makes it easier managing the fleet, as well as other functionalities.

Among the new functionalities that we offer to clients in the new version are:

– Share the location of vehicles on social networks, via WhatsApp, Email, Signal, Instagram, Facebook or Teams.

– Consult the statistics of your fleet, where you can find weekly statistics on the fleet, the distance travelled, average consumption and the vehicles with the most and least kilometers travelled, among many other options.

– Consult the activity of your vehicles and trailers throughout the day.

– In the new version, not only the driving times will be shown in real time, but also this information will be presented graphically, facilitating the analysis of the data.

– For vehicles with an immobilizer control installed, it will be possible to access the immobilizer control from the mobile app.

And as there is no one who can compete with us in terms of innovation, the next version of FlotasNet® Mobile is already in progress and will be released very soon. This new version will include more functionalities, among which we can highlight the route tracking on vehicle activity, an extension of the activity report for temperature tracking and other improvements in terms of user-friendliness and performance.

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