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Smart Data Services Presents Its New Value Proposition

Smart Data Services has presented the 8 points on which its new value proposition is based, it is common to the three main business solutions (FlotasNet, Ubika and Smart Data Car).

Any value proposition is what allows a company to differentiate itself from the competitors and that is why it is so important for businesses. In the case of Smart Data Services, its new value proposition clearly expresses the 8 fundamental axes that provide value to the customers. 


Continuous Accompaniment and High Value Service

  • Strategic partner for business development with the aim of continuous improvement.
  • Solvent team with extensive experience, technical and market knowledge
  • Support, continuous and remote update of the systems
  • You will have a specialized manager who will accompany you in the implementation of main actions and digitization of processes to improve the performance

Glocal Company

  • We think global and act local
  • Our relationship with clients is based on transparency, adaptation and ethical relationship, placing the client at the center of our work
  • Customer service with extended working hours
  • Personalized customer experience

Competitive and Easily Implemented Solutions

  • Three competitive and clearly differentiated solutions (FlotasNet, Ubika and SmartData Car).
  • Solutions focused on different users, easy to use, with processed, unattended and predictive information
  • Solution-oriented mindset
  • Solutions that seek to obtain and exploit useful data
  • Open/adaptable and connectable solutions to external hardware and software systems

Financial Capacity

  • Financial flexibility for the provision of the service, different models that adapt to the financial capacities of the client (rent, purchase and sale)
  • Financially sound company

Fagor Guarantee / 25 years of Experience in the Sector

  • Expert supplier with 25 years of experience in the sector, with proven success stories in the different verticals of the supply chain
  • Working methodology based on 25 years of experience in the sector

Sustainable Company

  • Green solutions focused on the reduction of polluting emissions and control. Sustainability
  • Solutions prepared for the management of vehicles with different propulsion technologies (electric, hybrid, gas, etc.)

Customizable and Adaptable Solutions

  • Solutions adapted to the specific needs and challenges of the client
  • Each client and each project are unique
  • Great customization capacity for each of the solutions

Experts in the Traceability of Physical and Logical Assets

  • Exploitation of asset data (physical and logical) to generate valuable information for our clients

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