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Success Story Darwin Sistemas Tecnológicos

With a long career in lifting machinery rental companies and with wide knowledge of the sector, Antonio decided to set up this project which, nowadays is very active and very successful.

We decided to interview him in order to know from first person about the existing relationship between the companies Darwin Sistemas and Fagor Electrónica, who have signed a collaboration agreement, through which both companies benefit from a mutual collaboration. The aim of the agreement is to create new business opportunities for the FlotasNet, the product of Fagor Electrónica and, at the same time, to respond the needs of the Darwin Sistemas’ customers.

Tell us about the history and development of SIME, where and how the company was born, what were the beginnings?

SIME was created in 2003, after 2 years of development, in response to the needs of companies in the lifting machinery sector such as: to be able to manage diary services, invoices and payments management and to obtain reliable data for decision making, something that very few companies in the sector had at that time

Several years after it came time to make a new investment to adapt the original project to new technologies. Thus, several synergies arose, such as work with Fagor Electrónica, with the aim of giving higher added value to the project and bring benefits both to the customer and users.

How did you find out about Smart Data Services and why did you decide to collaborate with us?

We got to know Smart Data Services through people closely related to the industrial machinery sector and the geolocation activity. Logically, all that activities complement the SIME tool in terms of quality and services.

Can you explain, what does the collaboration project between SIME and Fagor consist of?

SIME and Fagor have entered a partnership for a single purpose: to offer a comprehensive solution for fleet management to the final customer, with the advantage of knowing all the parameters of the machines, involved into the daily services, in real time.

How can you describe the experience and the service you received from our company?

From the very first moment, Fagor has offered us all the support and has worked hand in hand with us to reach complete agreements with customers, offering us its technology and experience in the field of fleet management, thus supplementing rental services for lifting machinery.

How FlotasNet® has helped you in the development of your company?

FlotasNet gave a significant step forward for our ERP, offering our customers a high added value.

Looking back over the years, can you say that the cooperation between two companies has produced the expected results?

SIME / FAGOR business relationship is still new, but we are sure that in a short period of time the results of this partnership will exceed the expectations.

What do you think is the functionality of FlotasNet that attracts the most interest from companies?

The functionalities of FlotaNet that interest our SIME customers are those related to the geolocation, route and time history, the extraction of data  for analysis of mileage, tachograph management, idling time, productive time and the possibility of integrating all these data into the daily management of SIME users.

What is your general opinion regarding the project?

Our general evaluation of the project is very positive, and we are very confident that this “partnership ” will benefit, especially, our customers.

Our general evaluation of the project is very positive, and we are very confident that this "partnership " will benefit, especially, our clients.

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