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Successful Implementation of FlotasNet in the company Procopal in Colombia

When Procopal approached Fagor, its main concern was to improve the control of fuel consumption and optimise the performance of its vehicles by improving the driving performance of its drivers. FlotasNet emerged as the ideal tool to address these challenges, offering advanced fleet tracking and management capabilities.

FlotasNet has enabled Procopal to continuously and closely track all of its vehicles, providing valuable information to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. The solution has facilitated more effective fleet management, ensuring more efficient use of resources and better logistics planning.

One of the aspects most highlighted by Procopal is the continuous support provided by the Fagor team. This personalised support has been instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition and maximising the benefits of FlotasNet in the company’s day-to-day operations.

With the successful implementation of FlotasNet, Procopal is positioned not only to optimise its current operations, but also to face future challenges with greater confidence and efficiency. This partnership underscores Fagor’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that create a positive and sustainable impact on the businesses it serves.

Fagor is internationally recognised for its expertise in advanced fleet management solutions, while Procopal continues to be a key pillar in the infrastructure sector in Colombia, contributing significantly to regional development.

The implementation of FlotasNet at Procopal not only strengthens its ability to operate more efficiently, but also highlights the value of strategic collaboration between companies to drive progress and innovation in the industrial sector.

With this success story, we celebrate the success of our partnership with Procopal and look forward to future opportunities to continue to innovate together for the benefit of our customers and the wider market.

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