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We hear more and more often the term telematics, but what exactly the telematics is and how it can help your business? In this article we will explain it to you.

What is telematics?

Telematics is a field of science that refers to the combination of computer and communication technology for sending and receiving data.

The term telematics is a broad concept and covers a wide range of services for accessing various information resources and sources of information. The most common concept is transport telematics, which consists of collecting and transmitting data wirelessly in real time from the in-vehicle device. The data is stored on the server, which collects it for processing and storage. It can be a wide variety of information, such as driving style, time of use, routes, location, functional status of the vehicle, etc.

Thanks to telematics, companies have an opportunity to monitor the movement of all vehicles, control the work of drivers and to optimize costs.

How does it work?

Telematics equipment records position data from the vehicle´s GPS tracking system, as well as diagnostic information is collected in real time through the vehicle´s numerous on-board electronic systems. Then this information is shared over wireless networks and sent to the Internet servers responsible for processing and formatting it. Real-time vehicle data is transferred to a monitoring device or application where it is displayed clearly and easily interpreted.

What telematics can help you to achieve:

  • Improved productivity and profitability: efficient fuel management; time savings in processes; control of drivers´ behavior to increase productivity; reduction of vehicle operating costs, breakdowns and maintenance; reduction of vehicle immobilization times; control of vehicle use, km and driving times; professional communication with the driver and routing.
  • Safety improvement: reduction of incidents and accidents; comprehensive and real-time tracking of vehicle, trailer, driver, cargo and passengers; assistance in the prevention and management of theft and recovery of assets; ensure the safety of the driver and cargo; control of the use of the vehicle after working hours and in unauthorized zones; data protection and cybersecurity.
  • Improved decision-making: intelligent management of zones and passes by points of interest, quality, ease and integration with other platforms; provide the quality information needed to make the right decisions; display relevant external information such as gas stations, restrictions, traffic conditions and others; quick and easy visualization through indicator panels and dashboards adapted to different user profiles; indicators of asset use and worker activity; real-time or scheduled reports with automatic sending; multiple control possibilities in geographic zones.
  • Improved service to the customers: increased fleet and service reliability; real-time visibility and traceability of cargo and more reliable delivery times; real-time decision making in the event of transport incidents or delays; information accessible to your customers´ IT systems; visibility or delivery of valuable information to your customers; regulatory compliance.


All these advantages have made telematics a key component of many profitable companies. Adopting telematics applications is essential for efficient fleet management.

In Smart Data Services we know how important it is to have intelligent fleet management systems nowadays, so we offer our customers the best telematics solutions answering the needs of each company. Contact us and ask for more information.

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