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Ubika, a new concept of logistics platform

UBIKA logistics software, is an integrated transportation management center that concentrates all information about your shipments and logistic processes.

Our product Ubika is the most complete tool on the market. It is a software for transport and logistics management, which connects the information systems of all participants in the supply chain: carriers, logistics operators, freight forwarders, shipping companies, providing the necessary transparency for better decision making. It is based on the latest technologies such as Big Data, which allows for the real-time analysis of various data sources. It has the ability to integrate into multiple platforms and devices and incorporates KPI management dashboards. All this through our web application, intuitive and with the ability to adapt to any mobile device or PC.

Thanks to the Control Tower function, it is capable of displaying all the shipments in real time, carrying out a permanent audit of the quality of service and compliance with the agreed tariffs. Ubika allows an efficient management of their transport providers, tendering, contracting and auditing, while providing tools that promote effective communication with their customers.

This software for transport and logistics management, provides our customers with the ability to help them manage the various aspects that occur in their day to day, helping them to optimize their processes to achieve the highest possible performance, through reports and indicators. Some of these aspects are: Control and traceability of goods.

  • Service quality and audit
  • Incident Management
  • Displaying Indicators


UBIKA has management dashboards, KPIs that update their information in real time complemented by analysis of the historical always available from any Internet connection. It allows to control the agreed service level, to know the status of the shipment and the moment in which the goods are received by its customers and thus be able to anticipate problems and complaints. It has state-of-the-art visualization tools for the creation of Dashboards that improve the user experience by facilitating the presentation and understanding of the information. 

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