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We Welcome Ekogras

From FlotasNet® we would like to welcome our new client, Ekogras, the company dedicated to environmental issues.

Ekogras began its activity twenty years ago and dedicated to the collecting and recycling of used vegetal oil, and today it is one of the major leaders in the recycling of vegetable oil.

They began with collecting used vegetal oil from hotel chains, but little by little they have been growing and now they also collect from restaurant chains, agro-food industries, mobile recycling points and containers. After collecting the used oil, which is already considered waste, they convert it into biofuel.

Among offered services are:

  • Personal attention, providing oil recycling at the places where it is generated.
  • Planning and scheduling of pick-ups.
  • Speed and flexibility.
  • Professionalism and efficiency.
  • Reports, invoices.
  • Help in the oil waste management.

It is important to mention the company´s commitment to the environment, way they manage the waste is a very important aspect in the path towards Sustainable Development. The company is very proud to contribute to the sustainability of the planet, something very important for the planet nowadays.

Ekogras´ work has a great social impact, as they complete the life cycle of used vegetal oil and take advantage of this source by encouraging the usage of renewable energies such as biodiesel.

We are grateful to Ekogras for the trust. Together we will go further and better.

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