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Welcome Pompaelo Servicios y Mantenimiento

We are delighted to welcome Pompaelo Servicios y Mantenimiento, who trusted in Smart Data Services and FlotasNet® to make their business more profitable and more competitive in the market.

Pompaelo Servicios y Mantenimiento is a company dedicated to the realization of all type of reforms and rehabilitations, ffrom solving simple day-to-day house renovations to carrying out big projects. They have different services, such as: 

  • Small works: repair of simpler faults in the house during the whole year.
  • Individuals: integral reform of the kitchen, bathroom or any type of improvement of the house, with its respective advising.
  • Large works: reforms in facades, roofs, ceilings, etc.
  • Companies: Elaboration of projects to give a total change to building.
  • Decoration: ideas and decoration projects that will give a radical change to a space
  • Disinfection: ozone treatments, didecylammonium chloride and bleach solution disinfections. 

We are delighted that they trust Smart Data Services and FlotasNet®, and that we can help them continue to grow and optimize their resources. Together we will go further and better.


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